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1. Pre Product-Market Fit
2. Post Series A
3. MVPs & Spin-Offs
4. RoR Consultancy
RoR custom software development.
Staff Augmentation Hub for RoR teams.
MVP approach to your new business opportunity.
Technical feedback and guidance.
Adding value to your product’s roadmap and helping you take the right technical and product decisions.
Scale your team like you mean it. Our RoR teams are ready to jump in and adapt to your methodologies.
We will guide you in building the right product for efficient validations. Speed and a lean process are key.
A green light for investors before they invest in a product, or a detailed code review for obsessive CTOs.
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Nuro Retention web application developed with Ruby on Rails and React.
Nuro  Retention - An EdTech Award 2022 finalist that improves student outcomes with predictive data and analytics.
A software dev shop from Uruguay.
Hidrent software app for hiring firefighters, built with Ruby on Rails and React.
Hidrent - Shark Tank backed startup for hiring firefighters for your home projects.
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3 REASONS WHY we are
your ideal Ruby on Rails partner

1. Mitigating the talent shortage of Rails devs:

Software agencies also suffer from the tech talent gap, so partnering with one agency doesn’t guarantee they’ll be able to scale your team according to the fast pace of your demand.

Working with Agency Rooftop means you’ll have access to 5 top-vetted Ruby on Rails software agencies from Deep South Latam collaborating together to keep up with your demand. We will work under one management to keep workflow and communication smooth.

2. A diverse network of technical know-how:

Every project has technical challenges, industry challenges, and a wide range of other obstacles to overcome. That’s why Agency Rooftop fosters collaboration between agencies by sharing their know-how, if necessary, to unblock whatever challenges may bring your business.

This is a major advantage to keeping up with productivity and making the correct technical decisions that will greatly impact your product's life cycle.  

3. Multi-disciplinary teams beyond Ruby on Rails:

Life is not just about Ruby on Rails. Fast-growing startups and companies may face different technical requirements that can demand multi-disciplinary teams at once.

Access our hub with 9 top-vetted dev shops with expertise in:

- Product Design
- Machine Learning
- Web Development
- App Development
- Dev Ops
- Blockchain
- Quality Assurance

Access expert multi-disciplinary teams for every challenge,
at once, under one management.
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Why Ruby on Rails?

1. It's open-source and free to use.
2. An efficiently maintainable, flexible, and scalable code.
3. It’s great for innovative products that require fast validations and iterations.
4. It has a number of built-in features that can speed up web development
5. It has a large, active, and supportive community

The Rails community

The Ruby on Rails community has over 6.000 contributors, and is known for its contagious commitment to helping others learn and grow. The RoR community is an important part of the framework's success. Its passion for innovation keeps the framework at the forefront of web developmen

ROR in a nutshell:

Ruby on Rails, also known as Rails, is an attractive stack choice for web developers who want to quickly prototype and develop lean web applications. All in all, it's an efficient programming language for developing innovative web products.

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a popular open-source web development framework released in 2004, written in the Ruby programming language. It was built to make programming web applications faster by making low-risk assumptions about what developers need as a standard structure. 

Ruby on Rails has features thought to speed up web development, including a built-in development web server, support for the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, and support for the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) programming principle.
Getting a bit more technical:
What is a built-in development web server and what are its benefits?

It’s a feature that’s included in some web development frameworks, including Ruby on Rails, that enables devs to easily test and run their web apps locally, without the need to set up and configure a separate web server. In other words, devs can see the results of their changes in real-time.

What is a Model-View-Controller (MVC) and why should I care?

It all comes down to time and money. An MVC is a software architecture pattern that is generally used in the development of web applications. It is a way of organizing code into separate, distinct components: model, view, and controller.

For short, this type of code organization makes it easier to manage, reuse, and maintain the code, having an impact on productivity, and therefore, time and money. 

What about the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle?

The DRY is a software development principle that affirms that every piece of knowledge or logic in a program should have a unique, unambiguous representation within the system. This means that developers should avoid duplication of code or data, and strive to create a modular, reusable system in which each piece of knowledge or logic is represented in exactly one place.

The impact of the DRY principle is better code maintainability, scalability, and, last but not least, flexibility. 

“Rooftop was perfect for our needs. They had the technical skills, communication skills, and availability that we were looking for. I would definitely recommend working with them and taking advantage of their network.”

Jeff Schroeder
VP of Engineering of Rep Vue
Partner with our Ruby on Rails outsourcing hub for:
1. Taking your Rails product to the ultimate level.
2. Scaling your RoR dev team like you mean it. 
3. Building MVPs for efficient validations.
4. Consultancy with our RoR experts.
An EdTech software product used by a teacher and student at the same time.
Think CERCA - Bill Gates highlighted it as a “game-changing educational software”.
A software dev shop from Uruguay.
Lever is a fintech product built in Ruby on Rails to help you get the most out of every card.
Lever - available on over 1M websites, maximizes rewards by using the best credit card with each dollar spent.
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why Deep south latam?

- Time Zone: +1 EST time
- Talent: committed and honest
- Communication: cristal clear
Culture: pretty much like yours
- Rates: right in between

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