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Scale like you mean it

Use the muscle of our outsourcing tech hub to make sure nothing will slow you down.

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Don't depend on the scalability of one software provider.
Partner with our hub of 10 top-vetted dev shops from Latam,
at a sweet spot price.

Scale your team in 4 easy steps:

1 - Let’s have a 30’ call to understand your needs and challenges in depth.
Detailed customer profile
2 - We’ll use our 5-dimensional technique to define if we are the right fit.
Alignments and expectations
3 - You’ll be introduced to our dev shop which will be leading the product development.
Intro to leading dev shop
4 - The leading dev shop will nurture its team from other dev shops if needed, so you don’t depend on the scalability of one dev shop. Nothing will slow you down.
Feel the power of the tech hub
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Why choose an outsourcing tech hub for scaling?

1 - The talent shortage is the biggest pain in the tech industry.
2 - Dev shops also suffer from the tech talent gap.
3 - Partner with our outsourcing tech hub to reduce the risk of not scaling as fast as you demand.

Technologies we can scale teams with:


Ruby on Rails





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Managing the Power of the Hub:

- Product and Team Management is done by the leading dev shop.
- You’ll always receive one invoice.

+ Rooftop's Relationship Manager will ensure your needs are met
and that you're beyond satisfied with the service provided.

our beliefs

Human-Centered Relationships:
Strong human relationships drive successful tech partnerships. We prioritize people over partnerships for stronger results.

Long-term is the only term:
We value long-term impact over short-term success. Building sustainable relationships and partnerships is key.

Deep South Latam has it all:
Uruguay and Argentina are top destinations for US companies seeking outsourced software development due to their talented workforce, accessibility, and lack of cultural or communication obstacles.

Ready to take your tech partnerships to a new level?