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Don't depend on the scalability of one dev shop.
Partner with our Node.js hub instead.
1. Pre Product-Market Fit
2. Post Series A
3. MVPs & Spin-Offs
4. Node.js Consultancy
Node.js custom software development.
Staff Augmentation Hub for Node.js teams.
MVP approach to your new business opportunity
Technical Node.js feedback and guidance.
We will help you define your product’s roadmap and take the right product and technical decisions.
Our Node.js teams are ready to jump in and boost your development pipeline.
We will help you define what is the right product for the most efficient validation possible. 
Code reviews for investors before advancing with a business, or for obsessive CTOs before scaling.
Know more about our Node.js outsourcing services.
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HyreCar is Us-based startup from the automotive and transportation industry.
HyreCar - $100 Million in credit for expanding car-sharing marketplace that is powering the gig economy.
Nan-Labs is a software dev shop that works for thriving startups and companies in the USA, using node.js, react, python as their main technologies.
Vopero is a web app built in Node.js and React for selling and buying recycled clothes. A sustainable fashion software platform in Latam.
Vopero - $7.5 M raised to expand a marketplace for the sustainable fashion industry in Latam.
Eagerworks is a dev shop for innovative web products built in Ruby on Rails.
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3 REASONS WHY we are your ideal
Node.js outsoucring partner

1. Reduce the risk of Node.js talent shortage:

You are the CTO of a fast-growing startup that’s thriving and you need a Node.js outsourcing partner to boost your Node.js in-house team while scaling. You need a team that can work independently, but at the same time, in total coordination with yours.

Working with Agency Rooftop means you’ll have access to 5 top-vetted Node.js software agencies from Deep South Latam. The advantage is having the collaboration in know-how and talent from all of Rooftop’s members. This reduces the risk of Node.js talent shortage because you won't depend on the scalability of only one dev shop.

2. A variety of technical know-how for your business:

Every product has technical challenges, industry challenges, and a wide range of other obstacles to overcome. That’s why Agency Rooftop fosters collaboration between 9 member agencies by sharing their know-how, if necessary, to unblock whatever challenges you may face along the way.

This can have a great impact on productivity by helping you make the correct technical decisions on time.

3. Multi-disciplinary teams beyond Node.js:

Fast-growing startups may face different technical challenges that can require multi-disciplinary teams to work at once. Node.js is a back-end technology, but what about the rest of the product and business?

Access our hub with 9 top-vetted dev shops with expertise in:

- Product Design
- Machine Learning
- Web Development
- App Development
- Dev Ops
- Blockchain
- Quality Assurance

Take advantage of your momentum and scale
your Node.js team with senior devs.
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3 reasons why Node.js as your backend technology:

1. Scalability: Asynchronous and event-driven: makes it well-suited for building scalable, real-time applications.

2. Performance:
The V8 JavaScript engine makes it a fast and lightweight technology, enabling it to handle many connections concurrently with low overhead, optimizing performance.

3. Functionality:
A wide range of modules and libraries makes it easy to build and extend applications with a variety of functionality.

“Rooftop was perfect for our needs. They had the technical skills, communication skills, and availability that we were looking for. I would definitely recommend working with them and taking advantage of their network.”

Jeff Schroeder
VP of Engineering of Rep Vue
Work with one of the biggest Node.js teams in Latin America
and scale your team like you mean it.
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Wootcloud - How upgrading their full-stack platform helped them get acquired by the global leader in Security Service Edge (SSE) and Zero Trust, Netskope.
Nan-Labs is a software dev shop that works for thriving startups and companies in the USA, using node.js, react, python as their main technologies.
Lever is a fintech product built in Ruby on Rails to help you get the most out of every card.
Lever - available on over 1M websites, maximizes rewards by using the best credit card with each dollar spent.
Case Studies
Partner with our Node.js outsourcing hub for:
1. Taking your Node.js product to the ultimate level.
2. Scaling your Node.js dev team like you mean it. 
3. Building top-level spinoffs with an MVP mindset.
4. Consultancy with our Node.js experts.


- +1 EST time zone
- #1 English level in Latam
- Talent: competes with US talent
- Rates: best quality-price ratio
- Culture: you won't feel the difference

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