finding a software dev shop in latam has never been easier.


we believe Technology is not your biggest challenge.
It's connecting with the right people, at the right time.

That's where we come in.

“We believe connections make life easier.
That’s why our network is our biggest asset.”


Founder of  Rooftop


Finding a tech development firm in LATAM is an overwhelming process that can take weeks or even months.

In LATAM alone there are over 2,200 tech firms, so where do you even start looking? That's why we've thoroughly vetted top-level tech firms for you!

We'll speed up your procurement process to 7 days, with the most personalized experience possible.

When you partner with Rooftop, we'll not only introduce you to the best tech firm for your company, but we'll also be your trusted advisor. We'll provide guidance, support, and solutions at every step of the way, ensuring that your technology and business needs are met efficiently and effectively.

You're not alone. We're in this together.

our team

Rod Martínez

Former CCO at Eagerworks
+7 years in Tech Sales

Pete Martínez

Former IBM Vice President
CEO & Chairman SIVOTEC
Founder & Chairman of RaiseLink

Mauro Mottini
Tech Advisor

Engineer in Computer Science
+10 years in the Tech Industry
Ex - Thoughtbot

“Rooftop has introduced one of our current US-based clients. It was a perfect fit and we hit it off immediately. Happy to be part of this great tech hub.”

Franco Pariani

CEO & Co-founder GoGrow

our beliefs

Human-centered relationships

Behind every lasting tech partnership, there are strong human relationships. We believe a relationship will always be stronger than a partnership, and that’s why we empower people with people. People always come in first.

is the only term

We find no purpose in short-term success if there’s no long-term impact. We believe connections should be made under the condition of their long-term potential. Great relationships and partnerships are by definition sustainable.

Southeast Latam has it all

We believe Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil are the best countries in the world for US-based companies to outsource software development.  High-quality talent, accessible, without cultural barriers or communicational challenges.

southeast latam has it all indeed

Argentina - Uruguay - Brazil

Time Zone +1 EST

We sleep when you sleep.
We work when you work.
We party when you party.


Cheap is expensive.
Expensive is expensive.
DSL is right in between.


Juniors are juniors.
Mids are mids.
Seniors are indeed seniors.


We are crystal clear,
straight to the point,
and always on the same page.


Closeness is not measured in miles.
We are protagonists in your tech scene,
and you'll feel like you've known us for years.

We would love to know more about you too.