What are the tech investment trends
for 2023?

February 1st, 2023
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Paula, CEO & co-founder - Marvik

"From my perspective, artificial intelligence will receive a lot of attention and investment in 2023. Many companies are discovering the potential and impact this technology can have. For many, the goal will be to automate to reduce costs, for others, to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging their data or making significant improvements to their products using the latest advances in machine learning.

An era of high automation and personalization is coming. Advances in generative AI, like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion, have shown the potential of this technology and gone global in record time.

In addition, there are other growing areas of technology that are sure to get a lot of attention, such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, and the metaverse."

Franco, CEO & co-founder - GoGrow

"I think that the trend in 2023 will be businesses centered around AI, with a focus on ChatGPT. I do believe though that investors are likely to be cautious and focus on investing in companies that are already profitable or are projected to be so in the coming years, due to the recent economic recession and widespread job losses in the US."

Santiago, CEO & co-founder - Eagerworks

"Considering the current economic situation, money will flow to solid startups that can demonstrate real value and growth. AI will explode in 2023. Hopefully, renewable energy and climate-tech investments will also rise. Then we always have the classics: fin-tech and healthcare."

Julieta, Communications Strategist - NeoCoast

"2023 is a year to look out for when it comes to Technology. We are already seeing some of the strongest developments in AI and Machine Learning, without forgetting last year's big trends: Blockchain, Metaverse, and IoT. Looking at GlobalData numbers, there is no doubt that these will be not only the focus of investment, but will build the next generations. Having a conversation with an online chatbot and getting all the answers, and taking our robot dog for a walk is only the beginning. I can't wait to see what else they have to offer."

Felipe, CTO & co-founder - MVP Builders

"I think investors in tech startups will continue to look for startups that have a scalable business model, but are profitable in the short/mid-term. There will no longer be as much capital in startups that do not have a business model or a clear market that they can focus on.

Like the Web 3 hype in 2021/2022, I think we are now in an AI hype, so I think there will be a lot of capital focused on projects based on those technologies."

Julian, co-founder - NaNLABS

"I think this year will have three main trends: AI, Blockchain, and the Metaverse.

AI: the arrival of ChatGPT has broken the Internet. Now AI is getting hotter by the minute and everybody wants to use it. It’s not only a matter of hype, but Artificial Intelligence is also getting smarter and the set of problems that can be solved using it is expanding all the time. Its adoption will not only be done by SMBs or enterprises, but startups can leverage it to create MVPs really fast. That’s the great thing about AI, it affects positively a lot of industries and it can learn from its mistakes!

Blockchain: it seems that the crypto winter is fading out slowly, but this matters more for economists (I think). Apart from the cryptocurrencies and their price, the blockchain is a powerful tool with many advantages: Decentralization, transparency, and consensus centered. The collapse of many cryptocurrency companies will enforce the adoption of more regulations to ensure people’s savings. This should help more traditional business to adopt the blockchain. If the blockchain grows, Web3 will also grow. This technology is also growing out of its financial application with cryptocurrency.

The Metaverse: Ok, the transformation of Facebook to Meta wasn’t a big hit and they lost several million dollars. But I don’t think we should feel discouraged by this; there are several signs that 2023 can be a great year. Several retail companies are looking to « open » their business in the Metaverse; the cost of VR headsets is being reduced; the internet bandwidth is improving, and the general infrastructure is getting more robust."

Guillermo, CEO - QAlified

"Artificial Intelligence is going to be big in the coming time. There are two specific areas of application that seem very interesting in the software business.

Cybersecurity: the next natural development in automated defences against cyber threats is the growing usage of AI in security operations.

AIOps: combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes, including event correlation, anomaly detection and causality determination.

The Metaverse is the other big trend for 2023, especially the Corporate Metaverse. Aside from its power as a marketing tool, the metaverse promises to provide platforms, tools, and entire virtual worlds where business can be done remotely, efficiently, and intelligently. The Metaverse is a digital environment where people connect, work, socialize, and create. It's a fully embodied and immersive digital experience. Companies of all sizes are already building rich virtual experiences, learning from global experts without traveling, and even saving lives!"

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