What are the keys to building team culture?

March 10th, 2023
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Guillermo, CEO - QAlified

"Based on our experience building the QAlified team, I think the most important factor is to have a clear map and communicate it to the people, so they can make the decision to came onboard or not.

Where are we going and how are we going to get there?

May sound simple, but it is often one of the greatest challenges that teams and companies face.

What does success look like?

This is the next question you will need to answer and is interesting to see how you will get different answers if you answer like an individual persona, as a whole team or even as the company."

Paula, CEO & co-founder - Marvik

"Fostering a culture of teamwork is essential to develop and grow personally and professionally.

To achieve this, we find some aspects such as communication, collaboration, and diversity vital.  

To generate fluid and transparent communication, it seems important to us, first, to get to know the people we work with, through their interests and motivations. This creates a work environment where people can feel comfortable and safe to contribute ideas and express themselves freely. That is why at Marvik, we create spaces for exchange, from the moment people join the company so that they have an instance where they can meet their new colleagues and share experiences.  

After communication, we consider that cooperation and diversity are other significant factors, it is for this reason that the work teams within Marvik are made up of professionals with various backgrounds, experiences, and seniority, this means that people can learn and complement their knowledge through collaborative work.  

Finally, to reinforce what was mentioned above, it seems essential to us to generate integration to share moments outside the work environment. This helps us interact differently to empower relationships with those with whom we share our daily lives. In this case, at Marvik we organize activities such as lunches, after-hours, co-work days, as well as weekend activities to continue strengthening ties and promoting teamwork."

Franco, CEO & co-founder - GoGrow

"Having open and clear communication, giving freedom to make decisions and take ownership, ambitious career plans, (real) flexibility and having fun at work."

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Diego Ardao - Co-captain Teros 7 - Rugby Sevens

"If we are talking about team culture, it is important to think in long term and what is most, I believe is building a sustainable culture that thrives through a virtuous circle of contribution and success.

There are many key points towards generating a team culture and people can argue on which ones suits best. But it depends on the culture you are trying to build up. From my perspective, as I stand for a professional sport team, particularly Rugby 7, one of those main keys is personality.

Developing a group or team personality would have a remarkable impact on the evolution of your team. It would show how your team reacts to every-day challenges and consequently it leads the growth and nurture of the group.

Achieving success may require talent, but keep on succeeding needs personality.

Moreover, the other aspect I find critical is building up strong bonds. Creating the sense of family between teammates generates a stimulus that gives to individuals responsibility between one and other, self-commitment with their job, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation regarding a common goal and therefore better results.

One person by itself can only achieve his 100% of capacity, but working as a team that percentage is unknown.

As a conclusion, I would like to state that team culture plays a vital role for team’s future. The values you pursue and trumpet are the logs with which you build the house. Strong foundations are needed in order to have stability and long-lasting results."

Santiago, CEO & co-founder - Eagerworks

"Good leadership and hiring the right people.

A good leader needs to be close to the team, constantly promoting and demonstrating the company's values and work ethics. It is also important to hire people that share your company's mission and values. A single person can cause massive damage if they don't fill comfortable inside your organization."

Julieta, Communications Strategist - NeoCoast

"People - the right people. That's the key.

Those you let into your company or whatever environment you are involved in will create the culture. It is not an easy job to do. Take NeoCoast, for example, a company that has been around for 7 years now and takes great pride in its culture. Actually, it is what sets us apart. This is not because we got lucky and everyone that was hired by Neo was just as incredible as the people who were already there. It's because the people that do the recruiting and everyone in NeoCoast share the same values, principles, and vision.

This doesn't mean that we are all the same. Not at all. Actually, as the company grows, we are facing an incredible mix of generations which is great to watch and share, yet it also takes the right people to manage that. Again, the right people for your own company. Once you have that and trust them, everything they do will build an excellent team culture."

Felipe, CTO & co-founder - MVP Builders

"We try to build a culture based on the following values:

- Transparency- Communication- Trust- Empathy- Feedback- Flexibility- Accountability- Ownership- Autonomy- Recognition.

We believe that these values are the foundation of a good team culture, and we try to build them from the beginning. We also believe that culture is not something that you can build overnight, but it is something that you have to build over time, and that is why we try to be consistent with our values and with our actions."

Alejandro Mazzoli - co-founder & CEO - Rudy Burgers

"I think that to create an aware culture people in the team need to have something in common they believe in. This will be defined in the company purpose, why we do what we do. Then the core values.

Both purpose and values should be the guide for every decision and should be guarded by everyone in the company.

If you want a team culture you need to have people who love working as a team and are accountable for their responsibilities. We also believe it is necessary to have a servant leadership where leaders are at disposal for the team need to reach their full potential."

Nacho Mariño - Business Leader - OCA

"For building team culture, these are the keys:

1 - Having a common ambition that generates purpose
2 - Clear roles
3 - Trust in people and their roles
4 - Celebrating achievements and learning."

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