are in-person
tech confs
worth it?

April 3rd, 2023
Answers: 6
Paula, CEO & co-founder - Marvik

"Absolutely. In-person tech conferences are a valuable opportunity to network, meet and connect with other professionals in person, and foster collaboration with other companies.

Tech conferences are also a great way to learn about new technologies and the latest trends. Being present in person makes us more likely to take the time to really listen and expand our minds with different talks and points of view; when we attend through a screen in our office, it is easier for our day-to-day operations to take our attention.

The downside is that in-person tech conferences are more time-consuming and generally more expensive than virtual ones, but in my opinion, face-to-face interactions are an important part of building trust with colleagues."

Franco, CEO & co-founder - GoGrow

"It's important to have a clear understanding of the outcomes you wish to achieve. Not every tech event may be worth it for you or your organization, so by having a clear understanding of your needs or interests, you can make smart decisions on which events to attend and maximize the value you take away from them."

Santiago, CEO & co-founder - Eagerworks

"Nothing can replace in-person connections. Especially when you are selling software development services. Earning people's trust is critical and in-person tech confs are the perfect place to establish good relationships."

Julieta, Communications Strategist - NeoCoast

"It depends. Tech confs can cost the company a significant amount of money, especially if you are traveling overseas. Nonetheless, it is up to the company to see if they have the budget and the resources to actually take advantage of the conference. Asking the right questions beforehand could save you a lot of money. Are you attending for the right reasons? What's your objective? What are the KPIs? Will you be networking? Absorbing knowledge? What will you do when you come back?

To me, the conference in itself can be excellent, but it is what you do before and after the conference that will tell you if it was actually worth the money spent, the time, and revenue or the results of those KPIs you set before. If you don't have a plan, then I would say it's not worth it."

Felipe, CTO & co-founder - MVP Builders

"We haven't been able to attend a conference in person yet, but I think they can be invaluable for networking, as it's harder to build deep connections than virtual meetings.

Body communication and shared experiences are very important to build trust and therefore I think it can be a good opportunity to meet the people behind brands and startups.

From an economic point of view, due to the scale of our business, I have some doubts that the cost/benefit ratio is positive, but I think it is something that we would like to test and measure.

On the other hand, could be very enriching for the people who attend, the things we remember the most are the experiences we have lived."

Guillermo, CEO - QAlified

"Yes, definitely. Conferences are more than a place to share technical knowledge, that could be done also in digital ways.

Attending a conference is an enriching experience where you access top professionals, sneak peeks of the latest technologies, and unique networking opportunities that can help you advance your career. With so many options available, it’s important to define with are the conferences that worth to attend that will help you achieve your goals."

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